Galvanized Risers Were Leaking At Redington Towers



Galvanized Risers
Were Leaking At
Redington Towers


in Redington Beach, Florida


Water Leaks From Galvanized Riser Piping
As one of the tallest condos on the Pinellas beaches, Redington Towers stands high above all others in the area in both stature and luxury. Leaks from their old galvanized risers would have to go, so they looked for answers. The Board could have decided to replace the leaking risers, which would mean tearing up their walls and core drilling floors to remove and replace their failing risers. After talking with other condo associations in the area, they found the same proven solution to their problem that numerous condos and school districts across Florida choose for safely restoring their piping.

The Fix From Florida Pipe-Lining Solution And ePIPE®
Their search for a safe and permanent answer led them to the neater, less stressful solution: ACE DuraFlo ePIPE®. Holder of 8 patents, the unique ePIPE® barrier coating system from Florida Pipe-Lining Solutions restores failing galvanized and copper water pipes to a like-new condition without the big mess and disruption pipe replacement causes. After calling in FPS to survey the piping at Redington Towers, the FPS Project Manager found 6 failing risers with pinhole leaks. These galvanized “riser” pipes ran 180’ from floor to roof supplying water to all of their units. The pipes were as old as the building, which meant that corrosion – the inevitable result when water touches metal – had been going on inside them for decades.

The FPS Techs shut off the water supply and drained the system. Using compressed air and sand, Techs safely cleaned the interior of the piping to remove the years of corrosion. Then they installed the ePIPE® epoxy barrier coating. After curing, the newly restored risers were put back on line and the entire system tested.

Satisfaction At Redington Towers
With the smooth porcelain-like finish on the inside of the risers, the cycle of corrosion was now broken. The patented ePIPE® lining meant that water no longer touched metal in the riser piping. The interiors were smooth, corrosion-free, and warranted not to leak for years to come.

Redington Towers Maintenance Director, John Bireley, praised the professionalism of Mike Larson, Project Manager and the FPS crew. Residents felt comfortable and safe as work progressed and they were also impressed by how neat the FPS crew kept the job site. “Mike and the guys (especially Mike) were great and deserve a great deal of credit for a job very well done!” said John Bireley. “We have and will continue to recommend your services to all who ask.”


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