Florida's Leader in Pipe-Lining


Whether it's problems with drains or potable water piping, Florida Pipe-Lining Solutions has the technology and experience to rehabilitate your cracked drains or leaking water lines by fixing them from the inside out.



ace_duraflo_better_than_repipe_does_not_destory_wallsFlorida Pipe-Lining Solutions solves commercial and residential plumbing leaks and is the proven re-piping alternative in the State of Florida. FPS provides proven cutting edge pipe restoration technologies for pinhole leaks, pipe corrosion, slab leaks, and lining cracked pipes. We are experts in restoring leaking copper, galvanized, or cracked cast iron pipes with plumbing solutions that work.

Florida Pipe-Lining Solutions is your one stop shop for professional plumbing service solutions for:

  • Leaking Copper
  • Leaks
  • Pinhole Leaks in Copper & Galvanized Water Piping
  • CCTV Inspection for Drains & Sewers
  • Hydro-Cleaning for Drains & Sewers
  • Odor Testing for Sewer Gas
  • CIPP Lining of Sanitary Drains, Stacks, & Roof Drains

Before calling any plumbing company, do your research. Are they the typical “one size fits all” company ready to sell you a complete re-pipe of your home or facility? Or are they up to date on cutting edge technologies in pipe restoration?

As Florida’s Leader in Pipe Restoration, we offer all this and more.

Workmanship, Experience, Attention to Detail and 100% Customer Satisfaction.

That’s the FPS Difference

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